Most of our clients are public
school teachers and
administrators, and business
owners,  a great bunch of
folks from Baltimore County,
Baltimore City, and Montgomery
County.  Thank you John for the
wonderful wood logo you made!

Pat and Tom, still have these
notes!  Yes,  I kept them.

Bob, you are the "Where in the
world is . . . " guy.
Congratualtions on your daily
passion in retirement!!        
Bob, how was China?
the Galapagos?  Wow  So
that is a recumbent bike.  
Congratulations on living
your passions in
retirement!    Recumbent

Irene, a 50 mile hike at 84!
Wow, Fantastic, you are
something else!  Yoga

Bob and Joan and the
Mamba, wow and yikes!!
How about all your quiet
friends out side?

Bill and Jeanne, bowling on
Monday nights and what
cool tractors you have!

Pete, you have to be so
proud of the kids!  Good job
and miss seeing you up
here. How is it at the Rock?
Tom, thank you for keeping your
passions going in retirement!
Fishing in the Amazon, in
Canada, Phyllis, great job with
the big birds.  Hi Gizmo & lil bit.

Janet, are you here or Florida?
Glad you bought that place!

Julie and Ross, I bet the Co.
Exec won because of you.

Larry, thanks for bringing the
friend's red Corvette over,
glad you are better!  MCC

Sylvia, glad you had such a
good trip in Europe and thank
you for saying nice things about
Mike and Nick!      Crystals.

Fran, nice talking with you and
I am glad you are enjoying
Florida and the theatre!!
Thank you all for continuing to show us how much fun life can be.