You come first.

In the nearly 22 years that Atlantic has been established the first
rule has always been the client comes first.

37 years of experience:

In the nearly 37 years since Ron Anthony has been working in
the investment business with investors the primary focus has been
and is on the client.  For that reason Ron left his association with
an insurance company when new products were introduced that
may not have been right for his clients.  For that reason Ron left
his association with a very large financial firm that worked on
commission.  When different  products paid different amounts
there was a conflict of interest between what was best for the client
and what was best for the company.


He founded Atlantic in 1995 in order to eliminate conflicts of
interest and
to look at all investments equally.  He was and is
paid by the client on a fee basis, on an as we go basis. He is
independent and not a representative of any other firm or any
insurance company or any third party manager.

Fresh eyes on your investments:

As an independent experienced investment manager he is
qualified to review your current retirement holdings on an honest
and candid basis.  If you would like more information or would like a
second opinion on your investments you are welcome to contact   

Ron in Baldwin at 410-592-8580 or