Here is my take on "the rest of the story" seasoned with
35 years of experience in the investment world and more
specifically managing retirement accounts for public school
educators and other wonderful people along the way!

Congratulations! You are in one of the best professions in the
Helping young folks get their start in life, a botanist of sorts.
Prune here, bend there, you know.  Among your employee
benefits is your ability to invest money for the future in a 403(b)
annuity account with every pay check.  That money reduces your
taxable income and remains tax- deferred until you take it out.  
That is deferred not tax free.

Should you do it?  Yes.  Even a little bit to start is good.  You
are creating the fine habit of saving.  Well, say you have been
doing just that for quite a long time.  Good for you.  Are you in
fixed or variable or both?  Do you know?  Which company are
you investing with?  The list of approved companies is available
through payroll and you have probably seen the "Reps" at
school.  I used to "rep" Travelers, Lincoln and others at different
venues.  Is one the best? No.  Better to start one that do none.

How does a 403(b) fit in?  Considering this is an employee
benefit that comes right out of your check it is a wonderful
accumulation tool.
You should still have a savings account for tapping into however
once you either change employers, or turn 59 1/2 my suggestion
is to
roll over the 403(b) into an IRA for superior options
and control.

, in retirement you have social security income, your
school pension and your own savings which should include a tax
deferred 403(b) account rolled into an IRA.  Three legs to the
stool.  Find an independent experienced  advisor not on
commissions (conflict) to help guide you and you are on your

Take lots of pictures, have a lot of fun.  Time flies. . .