One of the Prudent Investor Rules is:

 If it looks too good to be true it probably is not true.

If you see an offer, especially a brightly colored one saying you could
have a much higher rate of return than the currently available 1% or so
at local banks then you might take notice.  You may even look into it.  
Just remember:

There is no free lunch.  Insurance companies do, at times, offer one
year rates to lure investors in.  Usually the plan includes 5 to 10 years
of a surrender charge to keep you in the plan and on the fixed account
side a rate of return consistent with what the insurance company would
like to pay for years 2-10 or whatever the time frame.

Some claims are made for 7% (or more) rates for X years but most of
the time that rate is only on the income you take out of an insurance
product, not on the account balance.  If they show you a chart with 7%
growth of the account balance that may be misleading!

My suggestion to you is if you feel tempted by one of these ploys then
get a second opinion, from a seasoned investment professional and
not one that makes a living from selling the same kind of product.  For
instance: if you want information on Ford cars I would not go to a
Chevy dealer but a general broker instead.