Account reviews are conducted by Ron Anthony on
a quarterly basis and confers with clients on an as
needed basis.  Accounts may be reviewed at any
time and especially when there are significant
changes in a client's situation such as: sale of
property, inheritance, divorce, etc.
Reviews may also be conducted by telephone.


Clients receive regular monthly reports
directly from the custodian,  Scottrade, Inc.

Clients receive confirmation of each transaction directly
from the custodian. Atlantic Advisors, Inc. does not
consider itself having any custody of client accounts or
assets.  The Office of Attorney General of Maryland
takes the position that the Advisor's limited
ability to deduct the quarterly advisor fees a form of
Their position is not shared by the Securities and
Exhange Commission on this matter.  In this regard the
Advisor employs the following safeguards for the
clients:  1.  The Advisor has written authorization to
deduct advisory fees, 2.  each time a fee deduction is
made the Advisor sends a notice to the custodian
(Scottrade acutally makes the deduction) of the amount
of the fees and sends notice to the client showing the
fee, the formula used to calculate it, the amount of
assets under management for that clients and the time
period the fee covers.  The client may choose to be
notified by either email or letter.  The client may
choose not to receive said reports as the fees are also
posted on the monthly statements they receive directly
from the custodian and they can view their account at
any time.  This option must be made in writing.