Congratulations!  You have reached a milestone or at least
your IRA has.

If you have a
Traditional IRA the IRS requires that you begin
taking minimum withdrawals from your account.  As you
approach 70 1/2 you have a choice.  You can take your first
withdrawal the year you turn 70 1/2 or you can wait and take
it by April 1st of the following year.  For every year after that
you will need to take at least the minimum withdrawal required
by December 31st of that year.  If you are wondering how
much is the minimum and at what point is the value of your
IRA considered then those are good questions.  The value of
your IRA (that is all of them if you have more than one- yes it
is a  
good reason to consolidate) is based on the last day
of the previous year.  For example if you want to figure the
withdrawal for 2013 then you will need the ending account
value for 2012.

If you take your first withdrawal the year you turn 70 1/2 you
will only have to take one that year.  If you wait and take it the
following year you will have two that year.  Just something to
keep in mind.  How much depends on your account balance
but the amount your account value is divided by for someone
aged 70 is 27.4 based on the IRS chart.  
At 70 with a
$100,000 account you could expect the minimum
withdrawal to be about $3650 for that year.
As you get
older the divisor gets smaller and the amount withdrawn
increases.          There is more but this is just a snapshot.

By the way, its not a good idea to forget about these
withdrawals as the
penalty is 50% on what should have come
out.  At Atlantic that calculation is done for you.

Of course, with a
Roth IRA there are no required minimum