To my clients and friends,

I am grateful for all of you who have trusted me and had
in my guidance throughout the years.  Thank you for your loyalty.
I will continue to do my best to protect your accounts and grow
them.  Most of you are or have been public school educators and
business owners and are some of the best folks I have ever met.  
Thank you.

To my family,

I could not have asked for a better family.  My wife Anne who has
and continues to be the best helper anyone could ever ask for
40 years.   She not only works as a medical tech but also
teaches yoga at our local Rec center. Our sons Mike and Nick
who turn 2
9 and 24 this year for their dedication to their studies
and the optimism that we all share.  
Congratulations to Mike and
Nick who have both graduated from
Towson University.  To our
two little buddies,  Teddy (Roosevelt as Nick added) and his
brother Riley, thank you for the kisses and needing us.

To Dad and Pat , I say thank you for continuing to be a fine
inspiration.  Dad, for serving in the Air Force (Army Air Corps to
start) during WWII, for building your restaurant and real estate
businesses, for succeeding even when it took two steps back for
every one forward occasionally.  You persevered and thank you
for that. Pat, thank you for being amazing smoothing it all out!

To my grandfather, Poppy, I say thank you for having the
courage to leave your village in Greece in the early 1900's as a
teenager.  To go to work in Athens to earn your ticket to
America.  Thank you for having the dream to make life better for
you and your family (and ours).  Thank you for building your
confectionery businesses in Cumberland, MD for persevering
when you lost them and then for buying the Jefferson Motel in
Warrenton, VA where I first learned how to be a helper.  Thank

Thank you to my grandmother, Yayai, who while still a very
young girl watched the Turkish soldiers force her family out of
her home in Asia Minor and turn them into refugees.  They sur-
vived for several years thanks to the kindness of strangers.  She
suffered later in life as well due to the malnutrition she was
forced to endure.  She taught me what dandelion tea was about.  
She and "Poppy" were grateful for America.  They worked hard
and  succeeded.  They did not give up.  Thank you.

To my brother Byron and sisters Alexa and Angela and their
wonderful spouses (Jill, Michael and John) I say congratulations
for all your successes and for making this world a better place.  
We are proud of you!

"Effharisto Para Pouli"