Account portfolios are designed with the needs and risk
tolerance of each client.

Atlantic emphasizes asset conservation and growth
factors in accounts.  Portfolios are diversified with cash
and cash equivalents, equities (stock funds) and fixed
income (bonds and bond funds) positions.  Atlantic
uses low cost index funds and no-load mutual funds, to
produce portfolios that match client risk tolerances.  
Typically the fund expenses with the advisor fee
totals about 2% for the annual portfolio expense.


Fee-only accounts represent the best position for the
client and Atlantic as all investments are treated equally
and eliminate conflicts of interest.

Normally the minimum account size for new clients is
$100,000.  The annual Advisor fee is 1.50% for the first
$250,000.  For the next $250,000 it is 1.25%, From
$500,001 to $1 Million it is .95%, from $1 Million to $2
Million it is .75%.  From $2 Million to $3 Million it is .5%
and above that, negotiable.  The advisor fee is paid
quarterly directly from the account.  Atlantic uses
Scottrade, Inc. as its custodian as Atlantic does not
have custody of any client accounts.